Mandala mosaic garden table

When I went to a local junk shop to buy a mid-century sideboard, I spotted another glass-top garden table. I do love these. I don’t think they are much to look at in their original state but they are perfect for adding a touch of mosaic decoration!

As the table was circular, I wanted to create a mandala-style design.

I began by placing tiles around the edge of the table to create a border, varying the colours with each row. I then located the centre of the table, divided the circle into eight segments and began to fill out the pattern; playing with different shapes, sizes and colours to develop contrast and balance in the pattern.

I always like to use broken mirror in my work; I love the way light reflects on the broken pieces. The effect is magnified when the table is in the garden as it mirrors its surroundings and twinkles in the sunlight.

Once I’d finished cutting the mirror pieces and positioning all the mosaic tiles, I used a tile adhesive to stick each piece down.

The next step was to grout the tiles. I prefer to use a dark grey grout, rather than white, to give a dramatic contrast against the colourful tiles.

I used a powder grout that when mixed with water becomes water and frost resistant. I mixed it to a slightly fluid solution and used a palette knife, making sure the grout filled all of the gaps.

Once the grout had begun to set I used a damp cloth to wipe over the tiles to clean off the excess. The grout was left to dry overnight and then I polished the tiles using a clean cloth and scraped off any excess grout from the edges of the tiles.

This is the finished table…

Mosaic garden table


I bought this table from our local antiques centre, Battlesbridge, as it was a perfect candidate for my next mosaic project.


I bought a few sheets of mosaic tiles from B&Q and I started to play with the shapes and colours to get some ideas of what pattern I could make. I quite liked these Mackintosh-style flowers.


The table doesn’t have a central hole, so the first step was to measure out exactly where this was. I then began placing a red border around the outside of the table and added the four flowers, then I created the circle in the centre and added the leaves.


I was working in my new crafty shed, which made the job so much easier and it was nice to shut the door on the mess.


Once I had mapped out the outlines of the pattern I began to fill in the gaps with smaller pieces using a mixture of glass tiles and broken mirror. The pieces were then glued down and left overnight to set.


The final step was to grout the table. I always prefer the look of slate grey grout and I used one that is frost and water resistant.


This is the finished table, which is now sitting pretty in my garden.


Mosaic mirror

Mosaic mirror
Mosaic mirror

This was a Christmas present for my mum. I used a curved mirror, as the centre piece, and surrounded it with tiny pieces of broken mirror and vitreous mosaic tiles in soft neutral colours.