iPhone crochet covers


I got a new iPhone earlier in the year and knowing how ‘fragile’ they can be, I bought a protective screen cover and case for it. Although this did help, I still managed to scratch the phone while it was in my bag, which I had carelessly thrown in with keys and various other objects. To prevent any further damage I set to work on creating a protective crochet sleeve.


I knew how I wanted it to look like and started to create my own pattern. It did take several attempts to get the fit just right (using the Snow White approach: this one is too small…too large…ahh just right!). I then tried various colour combinations and also included a hole for the headphones on some.


Finally, the finishing touch was to add one of my polymer clay buttons to the front, et voila! A smart, protective cover to keep my phone safe.

If you do like these and would like one for yourself/gift they are available on my Etsy shop.

Crochet block cushion

I’ve been looking for projects to use up my stash of leftover yarns. I really like making blocks as they are easy to carry around and fun to make. I found a pattern for a blanket made up of crochet blocks in Crochet Workshop by Erika Knight and used this as my starting point.


Using a colour palette of blues, greens and stone I made 25 squares, enough to make an 18″ cushion cover.


I joined the squares together using a contrasting dark grey yarn and DC crochet stitches.


For the back of the cushion I used the grey yarn and a simple ‘V’ crochet stitch. I did run out of the grey wool part way through (and I hadn’t made it wide enough), so I used the colours on the front to make a striped edge and fold over top.


I fastened the flap with five grey Fimo buttons that I found in my collection et voila!

Crochet VW Campervan doorstop

Whilst browsing the local newsagents I came across an edition of Inside Crochet magazine that featured a lovely pattern for a crocheted VW campervan doorstop. I love campervan’s and the pale blue, split-screen model is my absolute favourite, so I new I had to make this.

As usual I wanted to make some tweaks to the pattern. I thought the design didn’t quite match the classic look of a VW campervan, so I redesigned the ‘V’ on the front of the vehicle and increased the depth of the colour on the sides.


To finish off I added Fimo buttons for the lights and wheels, crocheted a couple of cute flowers and used felt for the windows.



Just need to save up for the real thing now!