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Surface pattern

Mid-century sideboard

In our design studio we’ve been looking to replace a rather large storage unit with something smaller. The room doubles up as a work space and a guest bedroom but space is of a premium. The old piece of furniture we wanted to replace, although useful, did take up too much space and was a good excuse to hoard ‘stuff’ that didn’t really need to be there. So we wanted to find something smaller, that was cheap and we could ‘do up’.

In the local area, there are a large number of secondhand, house-clearance shops that I regularly browse around. We visited one of these shops that has a huge amount of furniture stacked floor to ceiling. And it’s here where we found our mid-century sideboard.


The top section had two shelves (which I took off to paint). The bottom sliding cupboard had shelves on the left and three drawers on the right.


I began by mixing a chalk paint solution using plaster of paris and grey emulsion. I lightly sanded down the furniture and applied the paint to the back and sides.

Once that had dried I pasted wallpaper on to the top section and front cupboard door. The back cupboard door and drawer fronts were also painted in a chalk paint solution using colours to compliment the wallpaper.

As we’ll put the printers on the bottom shelf we drilled a large hole in the back to feed the cables through.

This is the finished piece…


…and the drawers…


…and in situ…


We love it!

Creative journal course – autumn

I’ve now completed my third six-week creative journal course, which are held at Metal in Southend. As this session began in autumn, our work was very much inspired by the vibrant seasonal changes in the natural environment.



Some of the themes we covered were decay, colour, form and repetition; developing our ideas with a range of mixed media including bleach, ink, pencil collaged with scrap paper…


…mixing natural and unnatural colours with leaf rubbings…



…making observational drawings with pen and ink.


I particularly liked the skeletal form of the hydrangea petal and the shadows I created with the leaves…



Products available on Zippi

I don’t know if you have come across a company called Zippi? They are a new UK-based business who specialise in printing work, created by artists, on a variety of items including phone/laptop covers, t-shirts and mugs.


I’m always interested in creating new designs and thought this would be a good opportunity to see them turned into products. So, having recently completed a Creative Journal short course at Metal Southend I now have a new portfolio of surface pattern and collage art created from hand-made techniques, found objects and a range of materials. I’ve selected some of my favourite pieces and uploaded them to my portfolio on Zippi. These are some examples:


I ordered the iphone cover above, as I was in need of a new one, and can honestly say that I was very pleased with the quality and speed that it was delivered.

I’ll continue to add more designs to my portfolio, I would love to know what you think, and please help in sharing the love!