Mindful doodling – Zentangle style


Earlier this year I joined a local Meet Up group that had been set up to support local creatives who either run small businesses or work from home. The group has attracted a really good mix of people who, combined, have a vast array of knowledge and experience. We meet up every couple of weeks and it is always a real joy to attend. Recently we did a mini group exercise that explored mindful doodling in a Zentangle style.

Using a long roll of paper that had been drawn on with random swirly outlines we were asked to fill in some of the spaces with pattern, in a slow and mindful way. The exercise lasted about 20 mins and was so enjoyable to do. It felt good to draw something while being unplugged (i.e. away from computers/internet etc).




These are some additional Zentangle-style patterns I later created. I love the simplicity of the process.

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