Mosaic flowerpot

mosaic flowerpot

These pots started out life as terracotta roof tiles, that I picked up from a local reclamation yard for pence. They are a semi-circular shape, which I covered with mosaic and grouted with an outdoor grout. I glued weed control fabric to the back to create a container for my plants, dug them into the ground and filled them with soil. They really add a nice splash of colour to the garden, which will look good all year round.

mosaic flowerpot

Mosaic flowerpot bench

Mosaic bench

I had some spare wood left over from making a border for the veg plot and thought I would put it to good use. My husband made a small flowerpot bench for me and I got to work adding mosaic to the top of it. I used a mixture of broken mirror, white tiles and my favourite blue tiles (I have literally hundreds of these and they appear often!).

Unfortunately, I hadn’t realised that treated wood expands and contracts with the weather and the grout soon cracked and the mosaic broke apart lol. Lesson learned: make sure to use a solid base, for example, terracotta, chip board, ply wood or glass.

Re-upholstered dining chairs

Having completed an intro to upholstery course at The Good Life Centre, I was itching to have a go myself. We needed some decent dining chairs (to replace the folding Ikea chairs we were using) and I found some good quality Stag chairs in a local charity shop for a real bargain.

Rather than cover them in shop-bought upholstery fabric I opted to create my own design and get that printed. I did two colour-ways with the idea of having two blue chairs and two green chairs, got a metre of canvas printed by and cut this into four pieces.

Blue textile design



The original chairs were looking tired and in need of some tlc.

Dining chair before

The base of the chairs were held in place with four screws. Once all the foam and fabric was removed I was left with a flat hardwood base. I bought 1″ foam from my local upholstery shop, which I fixed in place with upholstery spray glue and used a staple gun to attach the fabric.

These are the finished chairs, which are a colourful addition to the kitchen and are really comfortable too.

Four dining chairs