Hi, I’m Jo Bund, an artist, designer and maker based in Essex, UK.

As an artist, I find myself intuitively working with collage, printmaking and stitch. I’m currently exploring mono prints inspired by botanicals, pattern and graphic shapes. I also love working in sketchbooks, and I am part of the SEVEN sketchbook collective who share this passion.

As a maker I design and make textile items that keep you warm! In my current collection you’ll find wrist warmers, scarves and socks which I sell locally at craft markets. I’m often asked for commissions, so please get in touch if you’d like a bespoke garment made for you.

My background is in graphic design and printed textile design, and since 2010 I have run a graphic design business, Equilibrium Creative with my husband Alex.

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Upcoming events

Artisan markets

Folk & Bespoke – Saturday 9th March, Leigh Community Centre, 10am-3pm

Folk & Bespoke – Saturday 13th April, Leigh Community Centre, 10am-3pm


Leigh Art Trail – Saturday 6th – Saturday 13th July, Metal Chalkwell Hall

Recent sketchbook projects

Collage and mixed media handmade sketchbook 2022
Reclaimed embroidery altered book: Leigh Art Trail 2021
The Water Replies sketchbook: Estuary Festival, Metal Culture 2021
#52weeksartjournal: Instagram challenge 2021

View more work on the sketchbooks page or read about these and other projects in the blog.

Inspirational quote

The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before.

Neil Gaiman

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