Handmade accessories to keep you warm…

I’m always feeling the cold and over a the past few years this has inspired me to design and make items that primarily keep me warm. I love to crochet and knit, having learned both as a child, and I find the slow processes to be very meditative; I also have a dislike for fast fashion preferring to support small businesses where I can – so it made sense to put these ideas together.

Crochet in progress

I started by making fingerless gloves – I needed a way to keep my hands warm while still using a computer/phone etc. I soon realised the benefits of keeping the pulse in my wrist covered all the times. Then came the infinity cowl – this is a great way to keep your neck warm without having a long scarf dangling in the way 🙂 And finally on to socks. I’ve been hand knitting them for a while, but I struggled with short row heels and they just took me ages to make. Having invested in a 3d printer just before lockdown my husband has printed me a circular sock knitting machine!! Game changer! It came with a massive learning curve but I have now come out the other side and can happily make a pair of socks in a day rather than in weeks.

I’ve started to expand my product range to make practical items for the home such as my 100% cotton washcloths – suitable for face, kitchen or bathroom, that are easily washed and kind to the environment. Mobile phone covers are great if, like me, you throw your phone in your bag next to keys etc that will scratch the screen. A small wrist or overbody strap can also be added to keep your phone safe.

Over the winter months I’ve been busy making lots of items that will be available for sale at local craft markets (visit my upcoming events page for details). Below is a little taster…

Fingerless gloves – £15
Fingerless gloves – £15
Fingerless gloves – £15
Alpaca socks – £20
Woolly socks – £25
Infinity scarf – £15
Infinity scarf – £15
Crochet headband kit – £15
Mobile phone covers – £10
100% cotton washcloths – £3.50
Marble notebooks – £5

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