Mosaic garden table


I bought this table from our local antiques centre, Battlesbridge, as it was a perfect candidate for my next mosaic project.


I bought a few sheets of mosaic tiles from B&Q and I started to play with the shapes and colours to get some ideas of what pattern I could make. I quite liked these Mackintosh-style flowers.


The table doesn’t have a central hole, so the first step was to measure out exactly where this was. I then began placing a red border around the outside of the table and added the four flowers, then I created the circle in the centre and added the leaves.


I was working in my new crafty shed, which made the job so much easier and it was nice to shut the door on the mess.


Once I had mapped out the outlines of the pattern I began to fill in the gaps with smaller pieces using a mixture of glass tiles and broken mirror. The pieces were then glued down and left overnight to set.


The final step was to grout the table. I always prefer the look of slate grey grout and I used one that is frost and water resistant.


This is the finished table, which is now sitting pretty in my garden.


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