My craft shed – part 2

Well, having (patiently) waited for my shed to be made the delivery day finally arrived! As part of the shed company’s service, they also deliver and construct the shed for you (win win) and it takes less than 30 mins!!? So we timed them…


They laid the floor in less than 10 minutes…


To construct three walls took a further 15 minutes…


And the shed was completed in under 30 minutes. Awesome! Obviously for them to achieve this they had built everything offsite and it was a simple bolt-it-together job. I say simple, but I’m glad they did it and not us…


Then for the fun bit. I painted the inside white, to keep it light and bright, wanting it to resemble an art studio. I really like the extra window at the end, which not only provides additional light but also means I can keep an eye on the chickens!


This was my first attempt at loading up the shed with my crafting bits and bobs. It didn’t flow very well and I felt boxed in. A bit of rearranging will fix this.


But in the meantime, the shed certainly has someone’s approval!

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