Photography calendar project:Thames Estuary

In January 2015 I began to take photos of the Thames Estuary for my own photography calendar project. As I live by the Thames Estuary, and travel along its coastline on a regular basis, I became aware of how varied the estuary looked throughout the seasons. Sometimes the view is affected by the light and reflections; the weather; the tides; or from the various shipping vessels and social activities in the water. I decided to capture some of these changes throughout 2015 with the aim of creating a calendar for 2016.

Each month I visited a different part of the estuary, between Shoeburyness and Leigh-on-Sea, where I took a selection of photos. I then selected my favourite photo from each month to use for the corresponding month in the calendar.

These are the photos I selected:

photography calendar project - January to June

photography calendar project - July to December

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