Visit to Scotney Castle in Kent

Scotney-CastleScotney Castle is a National Trust property in Kent, which I recently went to visit with my husband. As we became members of the National Trust last year we’ve been trying to visit places whenever we can and this one was a little gem. Scotney Castle is made up of a country house, moated castle and wooded gardens.

First we took a tour around the house. This was carved over the main entrance.door-sign

One of the decorative ceilings.

I loved the colours of these bottles.

We then wandered down to the old castle, which is now half in ruin although you can still walk inside part of the building.




The old castle was built in 1387 by Roger D. Ashburnham and was lived in for the next 450 years by three different families. In 1836 the new house was built by the Hussey family and the old castle was deliberately ruined to create a picturesque folly in the grounds.

The grounds and gardens were lovely, and so peaceful (if a little on the chilly side)…



…with an old boat house in the moat…

…a beautiful pheasant, that ran off as soon as I took the photo (camera shy)…

…and a brilliant cat and fish feature in the fountain by the house.


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