Crochet Easter bunny

Crocheted Easter bunny

I came across a pattern for a really cute crochet Easter bunny and couldn’t resist making one.

The body was super-quick to make and I thought I would have it done in no time. Wrong. The ears were sooo fiddly to make, that it took me about six attempts to get something that resembled ears. In the end I only loosely followed the pattern and that seemed to work for me.

For the bunny’s tail the pattern suggested making a little pom pom.  However, I found the pom pom came apart really easily (it probably just needed to be tied tighter) and as it’s for a child I wanted something really secure.

Crocheted Easter bunny showing his cute little tail

As an alternative I used the pattern for the nose, which I made slightly bigger, I then put a running stitch along the edge and pulled it up to form a ball. After adding a little stuffing I stitched it onto the back of the rabbit.

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