Crochet ripple blanket

A while ago I stumbled across this crochet ripple tutorial on the Attic24 blog and thought I would like to give it a try. On one of my visits to Hobbycraft I saw these yarns and thought they would work really well together and would be perfect for the project.

The yarns are all DK weight and are varied blends of wool, nylon, acrylic and cotton. The multi-coloured yarn is Sirdar Crofter DK in ‘Seagrass’, the lime and cream are Sirdar Country Style and the blue/green is Sirdar Click.


The pattern was very easy to follow, you just need to focus on setting up the first row correctly and thereafter remember to count your stitches!


I really like the way the stripes are ‘softened’ by the multi-coloured yarn.


I finished off the edge with a couple of rows of DCs and I might still add a little pico edge. This is the finished piece…just in time for the heatwave lol.


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  1. Hello Jo
    I have been looking for ideas for a new baby blanket and am using sirdar Crofter yarn and typed it into google images. Your blanket came up and I literally did a double take. I have JUST finished one so similar it is uncanny and in fact thought the picture was mine until I realised the colour distribution is different. Mine is on my blog so have a look if you like. I love the idea that we have both chosen something so similar without knowing about it.
    Best wishes, Liz

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