Felted bag

Felted bag

Last Christmas I was given a felted bag knitting kit. It took me a while to get around to starting it and then it took a while longer to knit (but I was determined to finish it before the following Christmas!).

I hadn’t felted any knitting before, so the process was unfamiliar to me. The bag was knitted on circular needles and was quite large and flimsy when finished. I then knitted one long skinny handle (only 4sts wide). The next step was to felt the bag and handle. To do this I put them in the washing machine with a little washing powder and a large towel (which apparently helps with the felting process) and put them on a hot wash. When I took them out I was surprised how much smaller the bag had become and how much thicker the pieces were. The next step was to attach the handle and I also added a small button fasten to the top using a simple crochet chain.

I wanted to add a little finishing touch to the bag and thought of making some crochet flowers. I came across a crochet flower tutorial on Mollie Makes and set to work with some oddments of wool I had lying around; sewing a bead to make the centre of the flowers.

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